Financial Services

Financial Services

At Ilyas Saeed & Co. (ISCO), we understand that navigating the complex landscape of financial services is a crucial aspect of achieving your personal and business goals. Our dedicated team of Chartered Accountants is here to help you through the intricate world of finance across banking and capital markets, insurance and investment management, providing you with expert advice, tailored solutions, and unparalleled support.

The global economy is gradually gaining a sense of optimism, though the financial services sector must rebuild trust among both public and private entities. To achieve success, forward-looking organizations must thoroughly assess all facets of their operations. The key lies in converting difficulties into advantageous prospects, a feat that ISCO is well-equipped to assist you in accomplishing.

Reasons to Choose Ilyas Saeed & Co

Our solutions are grounded in practicality and geared towards commercial viability. We provide the necessary insights for your business to flourish and thrive in an ever-evolving and demanding environment.

Whether you require assistance in delving into strategic insights, adhering to regulatory frameworks, managing risks, or resolving forensic conflicts, ISCO possess the expertise to offer top-tier solutions.

Most importantly, we are dedicated to tailoring our solutions to address your specific challenges. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with you and our service line teams to provide comprehensive support.

Seizing Opportunities amidst Disruptions

With the gradual resurgence of economic optimism, the financial services industry must reimagine every facet of its operations: encompassing governance and procedures, product and service appropriateness, as well as levels of transparency and assurance. The challenge at hand is to transform these obstacles into favorable chances.

Our team collaborates with you to facilitate your business’s growth amidst these transformations. Whether it’s evaluating strategic avenues for your business or as a stakeholder, conforming to worldwide and local regulations, or aiding in the implementation of chosen strategies, we deliver holistic and coordinated support.

Our specialized services span across regulation, risk management, transformation, revenue augmentation, customer retention, data administration, and investigation of failures and fraud.

Our guidance is down-to-earth and geared towards commercial success, providing the insights necessary for your business to expand and prosper in a perpetually changing and challenging world


Banking Industry

The future bank aims to combine revolutionary technologies with a network of collaborators to revolutionize their operations and attain expansion.

The new era of rapid evolution in technology has endangered the whole business outlining, and banking industry is no exception. But this disruption has created some opportunities also. While maintaining a strong emphasis on risk management and regulatory safeguards, banks are compelled to tackle not only financial performance but also heightened customer and investor expectations. This entails reshaping and optimizing operational and business frameworks to ensure sustainable yields. The pivotal factors for future expansion will be innovation and business-driven metamorphosis. In order to sustain competitiveness and pertinence, every bank must not just embrace disruption but also strategically construct an enhanced ecosystem, rather than simply focusing on expansion.

Our team of experts, specialized in various aspects of assurance, tax, transactions, and consulting, amalgamates deep-seated industry insights with technical proficiency. We collaborate closely with clients to navigate the realm of digital innovation, novel business paradigms, and collaborations within ecosystems. This collaborative effort aids banks in evolving into agile and responsive entities, meeting the expectations of contemporary customers.


We assist insurance companies in navigating the disruptions they are facing, handling regulatory changes, and incorporating technology to undergo transformation and attain growth.

Every sector encounters its own set of challenges, but the insurance industry, in particular, grapples with an extensive array of them. These challenges encompass significant shifts in regulations, unprecedented prospects within emerging markets, ongoing uncertainty in the economic landscape, disruptions driven by technology, elevated consumer expectations, as well as intense pressures related to costs and competition. Our comprehensive range of services is uniquely poised to assist you in effectively tackling these challenges. We are committed to aiding you in not only addressing these issues, but also in embracing innovation and transformation to enhance performance and foster enduring growth.

Our team of experts on a global scale brings together a wealth of industry insight and technical proficiency to provide invaluable assistance with your most urgent concerns. Whether it’s through our expert tax and audit counsel or our inventive advisory solutions, we are dedicated to aiding insurance companies in exploring effective M&A strategies, adopting novel business models, creating new products, harnessing the power of technology, refining customer experiences, and managing the evolving workforce landscape.


Non-Banking Finance Companies

At Ilyas Saeed & Co. (ISCO), we understand the intricate financial landscape and are here to guide you through it. As a part of our commitment to providing comprehensive financial services our focus include helping Non-Banking Financial Companies Sector.

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) play a vital role in the financial sector by offering a diverse range of financial services that are distinct from traditional banks. As specialized financial institutions, NBFCs provide various services such as loans and advances, asset financing, investment activities, money market instruments, and more.

Led by a team of seasoned professionals, we at Ilyas Saeed & Co. (ISCO) recognize the unique challenges and opportunities within the NBFC sector. Our expertise extends to assisting NBFCs with regulatory compliance, risk management, financial reporting, and strategic planning.

Stay tuned to this space as we delve deeper into the intricacies of NBFCs, sharing insights and updates to keep you informed. Whether it is an established NBFC or aspiring to start one, ISCO is your partner in navigating the dynamic world of finance.